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Bamboo 12 oz Hot Cups (Lid NOT Included)


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Tree-Free & Eco-Friendly

Whether at the office, running around town, or on a trip, you don't have to choose between convenience and eco-friendly sustainability! RIO's 12 ounce hot cups are made from sustainable bamboo so they're durable and reliable to keep your favorite beverage hot. 

PLUS, for every sleeve of 50 cups sold, RIO will remove .25lbs/ .55kg of plastic waste from our oceans, beaches and waterways.

For every box of 1000 cups sold, RIO will remove 4lbs/ 8.8kg of plastic waste from our oceans, beaches and waterways.

*Lid not included

Why Everyone is Switching to Bamboo

Disposable, paper coffee cups are coated with plastic to laminate the inside. This excludes them from being recycled, causing them to end up in landfills or our waterways. Instead of deforesting our trees for paper products and contaminating our oceans with plastic, make the switch to sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo.

Save Our Oceans

By purchasing RIO hot cups, you are making it possible for more plastic to be collected from our oceans, rivers, and beaches. Plus, by choosing a sustainable product, you are preventing the annual use of 16 billion disposable coffee cups from making their way into the oceans and waterways.