Work towards Plastic Neutrality and join RIO in saving our oceans.

Plastic Neutral Program

Everyone is looking for ways to eliminate single-use plastic usage and limit the use of plastic in general, however, we all know that plastic cannot be 100% avoided. Many if not all industries rely on plastic because of its flexibility, durability, light weight and inexpensive production costs. In many cases, industries rely on plastic because non-plastic alternatives are more environmentally damaging or the technological solutions for a sustainable alternative do not exist. For these reasons, RIO has started a program that offers companies the opportunity to establish their plastic footprint and reduce it by joining RIO in the collection of marine plastic and waste. This is certainly no excuse to be irresponsible with the plastic material still required for operations; by utilizing RIO’s Plastic Neutral Program, every organization will have the added bonus of partnering with RIO to help clean and restore our oceans for the marine life that call it home and future generations.

Become Plastic Neutral in Your Industry

Responsible plastic handling

Commitment to help remove Marine Plastic from our Oceans and reduce, reuse, and recycle plastic material

Establish plastic footprint

Use validated methods to evaluate purchasing and operations for plastic influence

Plastic Credits

Acquire plastic credits that are tracked from collection to depletion with accuracy and accountability through an immutable record

Plastic Neutrality Certificate

Certification that demonstrates plastic neutrality through verifiable, auditable program

Fishing & Marine Industry Program

This program is for commercial fishermen and others involved in the marine industry that rely on the ocean for their livelihood who have a deep respect for the ocean. RIO’s Fishing and Marine Industry Program will monitor plastic use for every vessel and certify the recovery of all plastic material upon the return to shore. Additionally, RIO encourages the collection of any ‘rogue’ plastic material that is found in the ocean by a vessel during the normal course of operation that can be applied to a company’s plastic neutrality. Through participation in RIO’s Fishing and Marine program, we can demonstrate the industry’s responsible stewardship of our oceans.

Become Plastic Neutral in the Fishing Industry

Audit plastic taken to Sea

Establish plastic on vessel prior to fishing trip

Collect “rogue” plastic

Collect any plastic waste encountered in the ocean during the trip. RIO will handle all plastic waste including rogue plastic waste

Verify plastic returned to shore

RIO will handle plastic waste

Plastic Neutrality Certificate

Certification that demonstrates plastic neutrality through verifiable, auditable program