RIO is dedicated to making the Oceans safe for all life above and below the water for generations to come.


Restoring Integrity to the Oceans (RIO) primary objective is to mitigate the amount of plastic that is going into the World’s oceans and work to significantly reduce the plastic waste in the major waste collection areas in the World’s oceans.

We are accomplishing this ambitious goal through five primary engagement areas.

RIO will continue to expand a collection and reclamation effort that will reduce and ultimately eliminate the existing major plastic waste deposits in the oceans.

RIO is working to capture plastic waste that is deposited in rivers around the world and prevent it from ever reaching the oceans.  Protection of the rivers is the key to significantly mitigating the plastic material flowing into the oceans.

RIO is recycling all possible materials that are collected from the oceans in order to use the material in positive ways that will stimulate local economies and prevent reintroduction directly into the waste stream (what many call circular economies).

RIO will initiate an education program to help communities all over the world understand the problem with plastic waste in our marine environment, and explain how their everyday activities contribute to the growing epidemic, including creative ways to prevent plastic pollution.

RIO is developing an emergency response program to help mitigate the flow of plastic waste into the World’s Oceans following natural disasters such as hurricanes and tsunamis.