Bamboo Cutlery Set (including Straw and Chop sticks)

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Our bamboo cutlery set is completely plastic-free! Every pack includes a full size fork, spoon, and knife, a set of chopsticks, as well as an 8-inch straw with a cleaning brush. So whether you are enjoying your favorite Chicken Parmesan, Sushi, or your favorite beverage, we have you covered.  Over 40 billion plastic utensils are used and tossed every year.  Some 8.3 billion plastic straws can be found on our world’s beaches.  Using 100% biodegradable and reusable bamboo is one small way to make a huge difference! Bamboo has antimicrobial properties and is both safe and sustainable. Our cutlery is strong and durable - no more worries about your fork breaking halfway through your meal.  Bamboo utensils look elegant and they are a smart, high quality alternative to one-time use plastic utensils.  You may never want to use your daily cutlery ever again.

PLUS, for every cutlery pack sold, RIO will remove 1 lb/ 0.5 kgs of harmful waste and plastic from our oceans!

Biodegradable, compostable. Dishwasher safe.

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