Why We Need A Circular Economy for Plastics

Since the invention of cheap, flexible plastics, we have always looked at plastic as a “disposable” resource. Something to be used once and they conveniently tossed away where it can…just sit. Plastic doesn’t decompose or degrade like natural materials, so from its invention, the idea of plastics being...

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How RIO Launched the Biggest Beach Cleanup in History

From January 12th-28th, 2021, RIO plans to make history by cleaning up the largest amount of plastic ever removed from a beach in a single day. This event is over a year in the making, and hurdle after hurdle has been cleared on the journey to where we...

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How Deforestation Causes Forest Fires

From Colorado to Australia, our woodlands are igniting faster and hotter than ever. The damages these fires cause rack up costs in the hundreds of millions of dollars and destroy the oxygen-producing flora that our planet depends on for clean, breathable air.   But the damage doesn’t start...

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The Seven Types of Plastic (And What to Do With Them)

The first line of defense in fighting plastic pollution is of course producing and using less plastic.   However, there are already millions of tons of plastic in circulation, taking on nearly limitless forms. Since plastic takes hundreds of years to degrade, we’re stuck with all this plastic...

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