Microplastics and Fish: How Plastic is Making it From the Ocean and Onto our Dinner Plates

Whenever we talk about plastic pollution in the ocean, most people will typically think of massive ocean garbage patches filled with plastic bags, bottles, straws, and other discarded single-use items that are carelessly disposed of and eventually wind up in our water systems.   But there is an...

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How Plastics are Literally Changing Our Oceans

When we talk about ocean plastic pollution, images of giant floating masses of plastic the size of small states immediately come to mind. Fishing nets clogged with litter instead of fish and beaches piled high with trash are visual reminders of how plastic is overwhelming and outnumbering our...

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Recycled Plastic Vs. “Virgin” Plastic: Which is Really Better for Our Environment?

When it comes to making everything from coffee cups to cutlery, there has been a lot of debate over the benefits of using recycled plastic over new or “virgin” plastics. Many skeptics claim recycled plastics don’t really win over their newer counterparts, citing less durability, higher energy costs,...

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Top 5 Benefits of Recycling

We now live in a world where in the more developed nations, recycling is commonplace. We are familiar with the blue bins, the slogans, and the idea that recycling is something we “should do.” But what are the specific benefits of recycling that bottle or can? How does...

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