The Top 5 Hottest Bamboo Products of 2021

Bamboo isn’t just panda food anymore. This resilient, yet pliable natural material is quickly rising to the top of the eco-conscious radar as one of the most sustainable alternatives to plastic. From cups to bedsheets, bamboo is finding its way into nearly every household application.


Here are our top 5 favorite bamboo-based products on the rise in 2021.


Bamboo Cutlery


In the United States alone, over 100 million pieces of plastic cutlery are used every day. Due to their size and inconsistencies in the type of plastic used, most of these will never be recycled, and will instead end up in landfills or get swept into our rivers and oceans.


Bamboo cutlery is durable, lightweight and easy to carry with you every day. So skip the takeout utensils and pick up a set of bamboo utensils that you can use and reuse, saving thousands of pieces of plastic from entering landfills over their lifetime.


Bamboo Tumblers and Coffee Cups


“Disposable” plastic water bottles and coffee cups were once considered miracle convenience items. The reality is far, far worse. In the U.K, 2.5 billion coffee cups are used every year, but only 1 in 400 get recycled. Not only that, the resources required to produce them are astronomical, contributing both to deforestation (paper cup) and plastic pollution (plastic liner), making them a far less eco-friendly option than ever thought possible.

Bamboo to the rescue again! A reusable bamboo water or coffee tumbler can save you from using thousands of disposable cups across its lifetime. Plus, bamboo makes for a stylish accent that goes with nearly any ensemble.


Bamboo Bath Tissue


In addition to plastic pollution in our oceans, deforestation is another dire threat to our environment, and our bath tissue obsession is a huge culprit in the hectares of trees being cut down every year.


Thankfully, due to bamboo’s strong but pliable nature, it can step in and help you wipe without worry. And when you buy bamboo bath tissue from RIO, you are also helping to fund ocean cleanup efforts across the world. Now that’s a real clean feeling.


Bamboo Bedding


So bamboo is great at being tough, but it also has a soft side. Bamboo fibers are quickly rising to the top of the textile market as an affordable alternative to cotton. Lightweight and naturally cooling, bamboo bedsheets give you a soft, sweet night’s sleep while using less water and other resources than traditional cotton.


Bamboo Towels and Washcloths


Since we’re mentioning bamboo’s soft side, we have to tell you about our favorite bathroom buddy besides bamboo bath tissue. Bamboo towels and washcloths are durable, yet soft, and don’t shed microplastics like polyester-blend towels. More sustainable than cotton and better for the environment than polyester, why wouldn’t you make the switch to a bamboo-based bathroom?


These only scratch the surface of what bamboo can do, and we can’t wait to see what else this amazing plant can be turned into.