RIO is Proud to Announce Two Exciting New Recycled Product Offerings!



RIO is Proud to Announce Two Exciting New Recycled Product Offerings!


SAN ANTONIO, TX (March 17th, 2021) - Restoring Integrity to the Oceans (RIO) is proud to announce today it has two new product offerings it has developed in its efforts to utilize plastic waste collected from the ocean and recycle it into useful materials for a variety of industrial and commercial applications.


The first product RIO has released is Insulated Seafood Bins, made from recycled plastic. These bins can be used to transport frozen or refrigerated seafood, and are part of a special mission for RIO CEO Kieran Kelly.


Prior to founding RIO, Kelly himself worked in the seafood industry as a boat captain, and is now dedicated to giving back to the ocean and fishing community that he depended on for so many years. Kelly has also asked that the global fishing and seafood communities join him in his mission to remove plastics from the ocean and turn them into useful materials that will support their industry and livelihood for years to come.




The second product RIO has released are plastic pallets made from recycled ocean plastics. Logistics Plus Inc. has already purchased an inaugural order of 1,200 pallets to be used in their Erie, PA warehouses as well as made available for purchase by local customers.


This partnership has been met with a hopeful and positive response from both RIO and Logistics Plus Inc.


“RIO is an incredibly well-meaning, resourceful organization,” said Jim Berlin, founder & CEO of Logistics Plus. “We know their top guys, and they are a creative group of warriors trying to save the seas by really putting themselves out there. I hope more companies will join Logistics Plus in supporting their cause.”


And from RIO CEO Kieran Kelly, “For this one purchase order of 1,200 pallets, we removed 13,200 pounds of trash from our oceans. Just imagine what we can do if more companies follow suit as Logistics Plus Inc. has done.”


RIO hopes that the release of these two products will help involve both the fishing/seafood industries and the shipping industry in making a positive change for the world’s oceans, of which they both rely on and upon which they have a great impact.



About RIO


Restoring Integrity to the Oceans, Inc. (RIO) seeks to address the mounting problem of plastic waste in oceans and waterways around the world. RIO is focused on not only cleaning up plastic waste in the oceans, but on creating jobs for local communities and developing products made of sustainable or recycled material that replace unsustainable plastic alternatives. For every product purchased, RIO utilizes a portion of the proceeds to remove significant amounts of plastic from the ocean.




For more information or to purchase these new products that support ocean cleanup, visit or contact to have your order shipped anywhere in the world.