RIO is Proud to Announce the Launch of the RIO Plastic Neutral Program


SAN ANTONIO, TX (April 21, 2021) – Restoring Integrity to the Oceans, Inc. (RIO) is extremely excited to announce the launch of the RIO Plastic Neutral Program.  RIO, through local projects that partner with communities, is working to free oceans of plastic waste.  RIO is constantly searching and researching ways to improve and expand collections and recycling efforts around the world. 


The Program


The RIO Plastic Neutral Program provides companies the opportunity to establish their plastic footprint and reduce it by joining RIO in the collection of marine plastic and waste.  This is certainly no excuse to be irresponsible with the plastic material still required for operations, but it would position a company to show how they are helping mitigate any negative environmental impact from plastic materials that are essential for operations.  RIO strongly recommends and supports responsible use of plastic materials through proper separation and cleaning of recycled materials, viable recycling programs, and limiting plastic use where it makes sense.  Furthermore, we do not support the idea that plastic use can be mitigated by continuing ongoing activities that are responsible and necessary, but do not really affect the overall plastic footprint (like ongoing recycle programs, continuing to buy products from recycled or partially recycled material, etc.).  But engaging with RIO can provide opportunity for companies to offset essential plastic use with active, verifiable programs that eliminate plastic waste in the environment. Utilizing RIO’s Plastic Neutral Program, every organization will have the added bonus of partnering with RIO to help clean and restore our oceans for the marine life that call it home and future generations.  We want to thank our first corporate sponsor, Logistics Plus, Inc. for enrolling in the RIO Plastic Neutral Program and obtaining plastic neutrality.


About RIO


RIO was established with the primary goal of helping solve the plastic pollution waste in the waters of our world. Therefore, RIO’s strategic objectives include ocean cleanup, river protection, recycling, and waste management, education, and emergency response. RIO believes that when planned, managed, and applied effectively, there is truly a circular cycle with positive economic, environmental, health, and safety results for the local, regional, and national communities.


For more information to join our Plastic Neutral Program contact Kim King at