How Poor Waste Management is Killing Our Oceans

Every year, billions of pounds of trash are finding their way into our oceans and devastating our environment. But how is all this trash getting there, and what can be done to stop it? Poor waste management is to blame for much of the plastic and other waste...

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Cleanup Update: How RIO Will Tackle the Historic Cleanup of Tanjung Burung Beach

From January 16th - February 6th, RIO will be making history as we amass hundreds of locals and resources to tackle one of the most polluted beaches in the world: Tanjung Burung in Indonesia. As “The Big Day” approaches, we are overwhelmed with the outpouring of support we...

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How to Reduce Your Plastic Waste in 2021

After what has felt like a marathon, we finally closed the book on 2020, a year with more plot twists than an M. Night Shyamalan film. We’re all ready for 2021 to be a better year, and RIO is already putting that drive into motion as we get...

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How COVID-19 Has Impacted Ocean Pollution

Before COVID-19 completely reshaped our lives, plastic pollution in our oceans was a mounting problem, with an estimated 8 million tons of plastic entering our oceans each year. Now, with plastic facemasks and takeout some of the stars of our new normal, COVID-19 has become as much a...

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