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Plastic Waste

Our Story

Who we are?

Restoring Integrity to the Oceans, Inc. (RIO) was created to address the significant challenges of plastic waste that plague the oceans and waterways around the US and worldwide. RIO’s primary mission is to mitigate the amount of plastic that is going into the oceans and work to greatly reduce the plastic waste that is already collected in the World’s oceans.

RIO has a vision for more than cleaning the World’s oceans; By partnering with people all over the world, we clean the world’s waters while stimulating local economy, revitalize crucial industries, providing valuable jobs, improving waste management, and stimulating applicable education. RIO works with dedicated equipment and local communities in the rivers, the oceans and on land.

RIO also has a line of sustainable products made from bamboo. For every product sold, RIO removes significant amounts of plastic from the ocean; thus, the products fuel our collection efforts. RIO products are also part of the solution to the pollution crisis as they replace single-use plastics and increasingly overtaxed paper products. RIO’s line of bamboo paper products keeps plastic out of the ocean without jeopardizing other natural resources like our forests.

What we do

Collect Ocean Plastic

RIO has launched a collection effort that will reduce and ultimately eliminate major plastic waste in the oceans.


RIO has developed methods to capture the plastic waste (at and below the surface) that is being deposited into rivers before it is dumped in the oceans.


RIO’s education program helps communities all over the world understand the problem with plastic waste in our marine environment as well as how their everyday activities contribute to the growing epidemic.


RIO has multiple strategies to recycle all recovered materials (not just select plastics) that are collected from the oceans and use the material in positive ways that will stimulate local economies and prevent reintroduction directly into the waste stream (what many call circular economies).

Emergency Response

RIO is developing resources to have on-call that rapidly deploy following a natural disaster using similar recovery processes to collect much of the released material before it is disseminated into our oceans.”

Unless someone
like you cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better. It's just not.
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For each RIO product purchased, we commit to collecting a specific amount of plastic in order to protect our Oceans. For example, for each package of bamboo straws purchased, we collect 1 pound of plastic. And for each 50-roll package of bath tissue, we collect 12.5 pounds of plastic!

RIO is dedicated to making the Oceans safe for all life above and below the water for generations to come.

Restoring Integrity to the Oceans (RIO) primary objective is to mitigate the amount of plastic that is going into the World’s oceans and work to significantly reduce the plastic waste in the major waste collection areas in the World’s oceans.

That's why we decided to produce our own 100% natural alternatives to paper and plastic products. Every item we sell takes the place of an otherwise wasteful product, and funds our ocean cleanup events across the globe.

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Together We Recycle



Ocean Plastic Pollution Crisis.
RIO’s Solution: Aggressively collect plastic from our oceans, waterways and beaches.



The shift from plastic to paper products will cause a deforestation crisis.
RIO’s Solution: Sustainable products made from bamboo.



Plastic is not realistically 100% avoidable.
RIO’s Solution: Education on how to be responsible with the necessary plastic.



Not all plastic is easily recyclable.

RIO’s Solution: Replace single-use plastics with reusable products that are made from sustainable resources like bamboo.



Unintended plastic and hazardous waste in the ocean due to natural disasters.
RIO’s Solution: Our Natural Disaster Response Team will be able to respond to affected areas and support response and recovery efforts.



90% of plastic in the ocean come from just 10 rivers.

RIO’s Solution: River Collection Devices that prevent plastic from entering our oceans.